social media strategy/ management

qullqi silver jewelry

Before taking over the social media channels of Qullqi jewelry, I created a new brand image and face for the company. I organized and directed the first ever photoshoot and videoshoot to go along with the new brand image. See more here.

After creating the brand image I have mainly been focussing on giving the social media channels another face, setting up collaborations with girls creating regular content and contests in collaboration with bloggers/ influencers. I also edited blogs in English and Dutch.

Instagram Qullqi     

Facebook Qullqi

de maaltuin pop-up restaurant

De Maaltuin organizes pop-up restaurants in botanical gardens in the Netherlands. Over the course of a few years I've collaborated with them to take care of the social media channels. The main goal was to sell out the events, to strengthen the brand image, interact with (potential) visitors and to set up collaborations bloggers. 

Instagram de Maaltuin     

Facebook de Maaltuin