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co-creation sessions

event Ondernemers van Nu

'Ondernemers van Nu' is a collective of entrepreneurs who are mission driven and are creating businesses that do not have ecologic- and social destruction as a consequence of their growth. On the contrary, they are creating business for positive social- en environmental impact.


I co-organized this first large scale event of Ondernemers van Nu with +100 attendees at Impact Hub Amsterdam. (january 19th, 2017) With 3 speakers, a co-creation session and networking session. My tasks included organizing the planning of the event, creating an interesting mix of attendees  and creating content for the social media channels, in collaboration with video makers.

Besides organizing this event I campaigned for Ondernemers van Nu in order to collect a 1.000 autographs of entrepreneurs who were worries about CETA en TTIP. This petition was handed to members of the 'Tweede Kamer'.

VONK co-creation sessions

VONK are co-creation evenings that we organized in collaboration with ASN Bank. Each evening was organized around an invited social entrepreneur that gave a presentation about their business. About how and why they started, what was going well, and with which things they were struggling. During the course of an 1,5 hours collaborative session, small groups came up with solutions for this entrepreneur. The unique thing about the VONK sessions were the mixed groups of attendees, all with very different backgrounds. This made that there we often original solutions found. 

My work work VONK was organizing the events from A to Z: scouting entrepreneurs and companies to collaborate with, sitting down with them in order to get to the botton of their issues and formulate a help question, organizing the gathering, promoting the event, managing the social media channels and maintaining a good relationship with partner ASN Bank. Also, I was presenting the evenings and hosting the co-creation sessions (always through different 'Art Of Hosting' principles).