In business school, they thought of me as a hippie.

Hippies believe I am a businesswoman.

I like to combine important values from both worlds.

I help bring your products and services to market by getting your story straight and growing your customers' engagement.

Purpose Driven Multipotentialite

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Why We Should Work Together

Schooled as a marketer, trained as a communications specialist, and experienced as a copywriter and event organizer, I can call myself a multipotentialite.


This is of great value when working with the small teams and startup companies that my clients often are.


I quickly know what is needed and can link the different areas of business. I know how to have them benefit from each other. How to create and implement an inclusive strategy for the whole and its separate divisions.

Having a personal approach is essential to me. We don't just work together; we are on a mission together. By connecting on a human level, we will take things to new heights and build a brand that people love supporting.


Working on our shared sustainable future is not a job to me. It is my passion.

 things that 
 make me tick 

A great cup of coffee 

Practicing yoga

Strangers smiling in the street


Colorful organic food

Sunset beach walks


 que hablo 


Dutch - Native

English - Fluent

Spanish - Intermediate


German - Intermediate

Frysian - Intermediate

French - Basic