I support you on your business journey of

Making An Impact


In business school they thought of me as a hippie,

hippies think I am a business woman.

I like to combine important values from both worlds.

I help bringing your products and services to market, by getting your story straight and by growing the engagement of your customers.

Purpose Driven Multipotentialite

Marketing & Communications Consultancy/ Management

Whether you're launching a new business or are an established business/ NGO, I will support you with setting up/ fine tuning and implementing your marketing and communications strategies. 

(Crowdfunding) Campaign
Consultancy & Management

Looking to run a (crowdfunding) campaign to build or strengthen your community? I will help you determine the best strategy and help you set up and run your campaign.

Social Media Strategy

& Management

Get the most out of your social media channels. I will help you set up your channels, create a strategy and content plan, and if needed I will run your channels for you. Ads included.


Copy Writing
+ Articles 
& Interviews

Get your message across, tailored to your audience. From website copy and press releases to marketing emails. I will set the correct tone of voice to suit you and your audience. I write articles and conduct interviews around different topics. 

Organization of Events

& Co-Creation essions

Events are a great way to interact with your community. From big events with several speakers to small and intimate gatherings. ​I will organize the gathering and are available to host the co-creation session for you.


A Fine Selections

Of Awesome Projects

Below you find a selection of projects I am working on, or things I've done in the past.


Click on the photo or video to find out more.


Working On

Communications Officer Trustbuilding Program of Initiatives of Change

Brains and muscles behind rock 'n roll eco fashion brand turtles&trees


A Selection

Of My Publications

Startup fairytale about the creation of Earth as if it was a startup business.

 internet of   energy things 
 rockstart accelerator 

Interview with Freerk Bisschop, program director of the Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator.

Startup fairytale about the creation of Earth as if it was a startup business.

A piece on the movement of rural coworking, outside of the cities.

Startup fairytale about the creation of Earth as if it was a startup business.

Every Tuesday I publish a new article related to the Trustbuilding Program, or trustbuilding in general.

"What I like about Manon is the fact that she's mission driven in everything she does. 

She's proactive and knows how to get things done." - -Michel Visser


Don't Just Take

My Word For It

 talia smith 

 initiatives of change 

 tom van de beek 

 the tipping point foundation 

"Manon is an asset to our team. She is passionate,

hard-working, highly organised and committed. Manon brings energy to meetings with her thoughtful ideas and creativity. She is a forward thinker who sees the big picture whilst paying great attention to the details. She is a joy to work with!"

 michel visser


"For almost a year I had the privilege to work together with Manon. She's a passionate and engaged professional and a pleasure to work with. Combining hard work and focus together with having joy in what you are doing. What I like about Manon is the fact that she's mission driven in everything she does. She's proactive and knows how to get things done."

"Manon is one of those true digital nomads; living a free life full of exploration and travel, while at the same time taking her responsibilities to make society more just and live-able for all. I've worked with her on a number of projects and she always brought in creative ideas combined with a hands-on approach."

 marieke van doorn 

 ondernemers van nu 

"Manon is -amongst many other things - an excellent network-builder and event organizer, as I had the pleasure of experiencing collaborating with her at Ondernemers van Nu. The first off-line network meeting of this collective of responsible entrepreneurs wouldn't have been such a success, if it wasn't for Manon. Here vast network, serenity, leadership and great personality allowed here to stay on top of the event's needs, despite of many distractions like 100+ participants, and challenges with the venue and business council...Looking forward to another opportunity to work with her!"

 jes bailey 


 hugo valdivia


"Manon worked for us on a crowdfunding campaign. She was very diligent and organized as well as creative in her approach. I very much enjoyed working with her and hope we can again in the future. I would recommend Manon if you are looking for someone who uses both logic and creativity in their work and gives you honest and necessary support."

"In late 2018 I started an own endeavor to introduce a jewelry brand in the Dutch/European market. Manon was there since the beginning to set the foundations on the brand. She understood since early stage what our needs were, and how all elements combined and work altogether to bring the brand to life (ie. our roots, values, target audience, etc). What I value the most and call out as one of Manon's strengthens is creativity: in the beginning we had limited content for our media channels; however, Manon found her way to keep our Instagram feed up-to-date and in line with our value proposition. Later on, Manon helped us to organize, coordinate, and execute a photo session in Tarifa. She managed successfully all the elements involved (photographer, models, among others). The outcome of the session is still a key element of our content and set up a good example for future sessions that we'll have in the future. I do appreciate Manon's time, effort, and dedication to Qullqi's brand."

 lorenz van gool 


"Manon has written multiple articles for our site about digital nomadism and coworking. She really gets how to transform her knowledge to valuable pieces of content. Besides that, Manon has one of the most positive attitudes you'll ever see!"